Chartered Accountant
Accredited Civil Mediator
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Chris Makin

Because accountants understand business and figures, of course; but because an accountant like Chris Makin has been round the block enough times to have seen it all before, and to understand. He listens!  See what others say after he has helped them:

“Chris Makin managed to move entrenched parties to address difficult issues and resolve a situation that looked impossible.”

And if mediation fails or is inappropriate, Chris is a very experienced forensic accountant and expert witness.

Chris Makin . . .

Chris Makin is a chartered accountant with a vast range of experience, firstly as a general practitioner and then for well over 20 years as a forensic accountant and expert witness. Previously National Head of Litigation Support in a national firm, he now practises mainly as a commercial mediator, with expert determinations and forensic assignments for good measure.

As mediator he has dealt with many types of dispute, including business purchase and sale, partnerships, contractual failings, professional negligence, construction, contracting, rights of way, boundaries, fees, defamation, playwrights, fraud, housing disrepair, expensive motor cars, and many more.

Mediation is now a very important stage in the litigation process, and it usually results in a prompt settlement to even the most complex and highly charged disputes. Chris has mediated some very challenging cases, where the parties even refused to sit in the same room at the start, yet his personal settlement rate is running at about 80%. This site is intended to explain mediation to the uninitiated, to keep users up to date with developments in mediation, and to suggest that Chris Makin might just be the mediator who could help you and your clients to resolve even your most difficult litigation cases.

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